Co- Founders Jennifer Murdock + Daniel Whittelsey


Our story began with a simple beginning: As a Pilates instructor and fit model in NYC Jennifer saw the need for a more stylish and functional grippy sock. Combining her passion of Pilates and vast knowledge of how to produce a garment through her production fit modeling career, she came up the Honey Sock. She launched in December of 2016 and the demand for socks came quick! At this point she partnered with her brother, a master engineer by trade but craving the start-up world. He moved to New York City and their adventure together continues today. Our socks are made to inspire performance, confidence, style, and grace and that is what our mission is everyday.


Looking good makes you feel good, and when you feel good you work harder. We believe our socks are the perfect alternative to being barefoot in studio classes or just wearing around the house. 


The name Lucky Honey is to honor our Grandmothers. Lucky being the last name of our beloved Grammy, Elizabeth Lucky Whittelsey, and our Honey, Valerie Philips Renick, both of them our inspiration, our light, and our motivation.